Ios 7 draining my iphone 4 battery

The old 'slide it off the screen' does nothing whatsoever unless an app is hung etc.

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  • 1. Do this battery check right now.
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  • 7 Ways to Stop iOS 7 From Killing Your iPhone Battery.

Backgrounded apps set to no refresh was the replacement for that old voodoo, since iOS 7. Basically, that solution used to be a thing, but now background apps do not seem to be the issue at all anymore.

Just as some extra information, Androids have custome ROMs OS that attempt on being more lightweight operating system clones of android. However custom ROMs have yet to exist on Apple phones.

iOS 11 killed my battery life. Here's how I finally revived it and you can, too

Sudden battery drain is also not only a software problem, but it could be a hardware problem too. To maintain battery health, make sure to charge with your native adapter not other ones for different phones , as sometimes they have higher voltage, therefore harming the battery. If suspending apps does not resolve your battery problem, you might want to bring your phone for a battery checkup just in case. And finally, to answer your question with battery packs, there are some good ones.

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  • For longer battery life, change these iOS 7 settings.

You can get ones in a separate "power bank", where you connect your phone and charge, or you can get ones that are built-in to the iPhone case, like in the example below:. Of course, there are also iPhone 4 cases, not just iPhone 6 ones. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

How To Calibrate the Battery

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Ami Ami 3. There of course are more power efficient operating systems for a couple of reasons. Some operating systems take alot of space for themselves to actually run the system Apps might not always be turned off but suspended, leaving them running And one of the major battery eaters not because of OS is the screen. Powering the display is one of the single biggest drains on your battery. Control Center: Swipe up from the bottom of your phone and use the slider in Control Center to reduce your screen's brightness.

The fact is, every update, many apps get reset to their own default. When you uninstall glitchy apps then add them back, you have to turn off sound notifications and get your phone all spiffed up just the way you like it again. Also, waiting another week for the apps and software to work out all the kinks will help too.

Forget iPhone 'wireless' charging. Try a battery pack instead. How to set up a new iPhone the right way. Apple iOS 11 battery and outlook problems: Share This Story! Here's how I finally revived it and you can, too We dive deep into Settings to find the battery hogs in the new operating system.

For longer battery life, change these iOS 7 settings - CNET

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Some people have complained the movements are dizzying anyway, so there's no harm in turning it off. It's a smart function, but the last thing you want to do is run app updates when your battery is down to fumes.

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AirDrop lets you share files with other users on the same network, but when you're not using it or Bluetooth, for that matter , do your battery a favor and shut it off. Slide open the Control Center and switch it off there. This has long been a helpful way to save battery life on any device and iOS 7 is no exception. Apple's internal search functionality called Spotlight can now be accessed from any screen, but because it's continually indexing new data, it's killing your battery.

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