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Nevertheless, WiFi calling is still a mystery because there are only a few people using it today. As we are always thinking about how we can help you to improve your means of communication, we sat down and collected the most important information to answer your question: Here is a small guide to learn a bit of how to make WiFi calls and stay always in touch.

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So sit back and relax because you are about to improve your communication experience. A WiFi call is like a regular call but the channel used is the internet instead of a phone line.

My samsung galaxy pocket GT-S5300 won't connect to wifi.

Instead, you are going to make voice calls through the WiFi network. Therefore, the first thing you need to enjoy this service is WiFi access. You must know WiFi calling is not an app. It is a function which is installed on your phone. With that, you can make and receive calls from areas with no coverage. If you are using your own phone data you only need to enable WiFi calling. In all cases, you must remember WiFi calling is very useful when you are in a zone with weak carrier coverage. You can set this function as your default way of placing a call or only if you lose phone signal.

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In this way as long as you have data on your phone you are able to make a WiFi call. You are going to be online anywhere you are in the world if you want to. You might ask yourself now: There are rural areas in which the mobile networks may not give you the best reception but your WiFi network at home works perfectly fine. The function to make WiFi Calls is excellent in those situations.

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If your phone is an Android, you need to download the apps compatible with it. Although there are apps which you can set up on your phone no matter its operating system. Facebook , Whatsapp and Skype are some of them. Thus it is super easy to use, you only open the respective app. Later click the call or video call symbol and you will be ready to talk. In this sense, you may want to know there are many options to choose the right app.

If you have the joy to be in the magnificent Dublin and you need make some calls to book a Guinness tour , there is a company can help you on that.

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Vopium will connect you to a nearby local access number and later to your international calling destination. Then you pay your mobile service provider for a local call and you pay Vopium for the international part of the call. If your smartphone has a connection to a WiFi or 3G database, Vopium keeps your call almost the entire way until the country of destination. When caller and receiver are both Vopium users, the call is for free.

Something important to keep in mind: Some smartphones require you to enter or confirm your address for emergency services. Once WiFi calling is available, you will see WiFi after your carrier name in the status bar, later your calls will use this function. Check the official website to see if your device supports WiFi Calling. On the other hand, every app has its IOS and Android version.

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My Galaxy Note II connect just fine via wifi and has access to the internet, my gt-s connects to the hotspot without hassle and connectify shows the added gt-s immediately but no data gets transferred. Everything just times out. What can be the issue and what is my options to fix it? Thanks for any help. MoodyBlues - Crazy peacock person -. Hello there, duardlouw! Welcome to Android Forums.

Samsung duos wifi range problem. Long range wifi solution.

My gut instinct is that the issue is not wifi-related, but has something to do with the GT-S Perhaps its settings or Let's see if anyone chimes in with ideas on this; if not, I think the thread might do better in the GT-S's board, so we may end up moving it there. Strangest of all is that a few months ago we were able to connect that same gt-s to that same iburst via a connectify virtual hotspot without any issues.

Yes maybe it will be better if moved to the gt-s board. Or is there some sort of "cut-off" speed where the network won't share the internet. I have a bit of a slow internet situation, unfortunately. If so, is there a setting where I can make some changes? Share This Page Tweet.