Blackberry memory card slot not working

Steps to Recover Files When Blackberry Cannot Recognize Memory Card

If the SIM card is working on any other phone, it is also apparent that there is nothing with the card too. Sometimes, toggling with the airplane mode takes care of the problem.

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Here is how you can do that:. Although rare, the users sometimes end up choosing the wrong network provider, resulting in the SIM card issue. To take care of this problem, change the network mode to auto.

Why SIM Card Cannot Be Detected in my Phone, How to Fix?

Different phones have different labels for it. Usually, you can find it under Connections or Networks. Choose the one that is supported by your mobile carrier. If you are not sure, it is best to get in touch with the customer care of the mobile service provider. After tried all the solution above and your phone still not read your SIM card, then you may need to your device to repair shop.

Or if it is under warranty, visit the store in which you've purchased it, or your carrier. You can also find her on social network. Recover Messages from Android Phone. For instance, BlackBerry handheld OS v4. Get better use out of your Blackberry and keep up-to-date on latest developments. Most 8xxx series BlackBerry smartphones require you to remove the rear battery cover to access the microSD card slot, except for the Pearl , and devices, which have external slots on their left sides.

RIM's Curve 83xx smartphones have microSD slots beneath their batteries, so it's necessary to power down your device every time you want to insert, remove or exchange cards. The 88xx devices have expandable memory slots inside their rear-side covers, but you don't need to remove the battery to access them.

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  • Why SIM Card Cannot Be Detected in My Phone, How to Fix?.
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Users of Pearl or Bold devices with external microSD slots need only pry open the plastic flap on their left sides and make sure both the tiny sections of metal on the underside of the memory card and the device itself are face up. The narrow end of the card should be closest to the BlackBerry.

Then carefully slide the card in until it clicks. Don't force it, but you may need to push it in firmly. When the memory card is in place, a dialogue box will appear on screen that reads "Media Card Inserted. To insert a microSD card into a BlackBerry Curve or 88xx series device, you must first remove the rear battery door.

These devices employ tiny metal hinges to secure microSD cards. Engraved on those hinges are the words "Lock" and "Unlock" next to corresponding arrows. Slide the hinge in the Unlock direction and open it so it stands at a 90 degree angle to the device.

PRIV by BlackBerry - Remove SD / Memory Card | Verizon Wireless

When opened, the hinge features small flaps to hold the microSD card in place. Hold the memory card upright so its metal sections are on its bottom half and facing you. The metal sections should mesh with the metal prongs on the device, inside the hinge. Next drop the hinge back down and slide it in the Lock direction until it's securely in place. If you're using an 88xx smartphone, you'll see a "Media Card Inserted" message. You'll need to replace the battery and restart if you're using a Curve. This data recovery software can help recover data off all kinds of memory card such as SD card, XD card, CF card, etc.

You can follow the guide below to perform data recovery off unrecognized memory card. Memory card recovery software free download to recover inaccessible data from an unrecognized memory card:. Connect the memory card to a computer. Download and install the iCare Data Recovery Software on your computer. Then, run the software and choose a proper recovery module.

You need to choose the memory card as aim disk so that the software can scan it for lost files. You just need to wait when the software is scanning.

My Blackberry Won't Recognise My Memory Card

When the scanning is completed, you can preview some found files like pictures. Then, you can choose all needed files and save them to another storage media. CF card is usually used in digital camera. Usually, when Blackberry cannot read memory card, most people are caring about the data stored on the card. Therefore, they urgently want to know how to get the memory card work normally in their phone because they believe that data will come back as long as they can fix the memory card unrecognizable problem.